Tips to combat writer's block

Very often I get asked a question: How do you combat a writer's block? Especially in the Instagram world where we try and please the "algorithm" and feeling the pressure of writing every day.

Regardless of the platform we use a writer's block is a real thing and it can be daunting for sure.

My way to get through it is to take a step back. I know it sounds very cliche and easy but it does work. I close my laptop, switch off my phone and set an intention with myself to take at least 2 hours for myself where I make an intentional effort NOT to think about it.

Being an empath I am drawn to water and when I feel overwhelmed I generally tend to return to the natural element. So I take a bath, or a shower and put of some Reiki/meditation music.

I allow my thoughts to flow freely, I let them go wherever they want to. I repeat to myself that I don't want any poems, or any words to come to me. I just 'am'.

Breathe deeply and ground myself.

If water is not your natural element a walk in nature is another great way to let go and relax.

After this when I feel more relaxed I return to my work and write about the block. What am I feeling? What are the physical sensations I am feeling in that moment? Does your throat feel tight, are your hands tingling? are you cheeks flushed, is your heart going faster than usual? Do you feel tears coming down your face, are you feeling so exhausted the words cannot form on paper? Write about that. This exercise in itself will allow you to go back to writing, even if it is to write about the block!

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