Embrace the darkness

We are conditioned to be scared of being lonely, of feeling sad even. I feel there is a big misconception that we must be happy. That if we are not happy there must be something wrong with us.

I see it differently, I think period of darkness are periods of deep reflection and a great opportunity to stop, pause, reflect, ponder. I actually see them now as a great opportunity.

I too was scared of such moments, when we just want to do nothing, when we feel sorry for ourselves as nothing seems to go right.

But these are moments of deep growth if we know where to look and how to use the soft energy of the dark.

We are living in a world that goes way too fast and we get caught up in a vortex of urgency, immediate responses and fast decisions.

There are days I just want to observe the rain and get lost in the noise it makes against my window, almost as a lullaby; reminding me that the world will still be there when I get up.

I embrace the darkness with grace, and I always think of the Moon. After all she shines magnificently in the dark.

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