"I see poems as messages in a bottle, picked up almost by accident to discover something you needed just at that time" 

Barbara Gianquitto


Barbara Gianquitto is the author of  "4:04am Thoughts" a poetry collection, currently rating at 5/5* reviews on Amazon.

The book charted No.1 in its category during the 2 weeks of its launch. Barbara writes about love, heartbreak and self discovery.


A true advocate for mental health and women empowerment, her book describes a journey into self discovery and finding her inner voice. Her mission is to empower and inspire people through her words.


As a Reiki healer she is a great believer in energy and connections and that everything truly happens for a reason.


Barbara has a bachelor's degree in Communication and Psychology and is a certified Neuro Linguistic practitioner and coach.


Release date: 8th May 2021

“It’s 4.04 am again, 

and the clock stares at me,

energy flowing through my veins

asking me to pick up my pen and write"

In her first debut poetry collection Barbara explores the

universal themes of love, heartbreak and self-discovery.

4:04AM Thoughts walks with you on the universal path of love, motherhood, and heartbreak. With gentle guidance, this debut poetry collection tells a story of resilience and self-love that will mend and transform your heart.

Filled with gorgeous illustrations and poems that spill light into your soul, 4:04AM Thoughts gives you the courage to embark on the beautiful journey of healing.

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4:04am Thoughts Barbara Gianquitto


It is with great mastery and craftsmanship that Gianquitto reveals both her triumphs and her traumas, her loves and her losses, her lost self and herself reborn with new strength and hope.  The poems are so evocative that memories of my own traumas and triumphs, my own loves and losses, came to mind as a I was reading.  I cried and smiled and felt that the poet’s newly found hope and strength were not only hers, but mine as well.

Michele Scirocco - Poet