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"Words are all we have in this world, we should use them more often", with her soft, open and unique voice Barbara's mission is to empower and inspire with messages of hope and resilience.

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Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space
Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space
Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space
Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space
Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space
Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space
Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space

Mirrors of Time - Poems about soulmate love across time and space

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“Why do you love me?”

“Because I can’t remember a life when I didn’t”.

From the best-selling author of "Awakening of the heart" comes “Mirrors of Time”, a spellbinding and timeless poetic journey of love that transcends both time and space. From the broken, to the breathless, to every moment in between, it will remind you that transformative love awakens the soul for eternity.

With foreword by Stefanie Briar, best-selling author of "Surrender", "Mirrors of Time" will take you on a breath-taking journey from pain to healing before finding what true soulmate love really is. "Love is just on the other side of pain, I promise."

"If you've forgotten the magic of love, this collection will help you remember. If you are in love, this collection will encourage you to hold them tighter. With moving detail, relatable thoughts, and a mix of shorter and longer poems, Mirrors of Time is a beautiful book made of love."
-shelby leigh, author of "girl made of glass"

"Poignant, passionate and profound, far greater than the sum of its many parts. Mirrors of Time is the most exquisite exploration of love in all its facets, but painted on a universal canvas whose background is infinity."
- Janny Juddly, author of "You can remember who you were before life made you forget"

"Transformative, inspiring, and replete with insight and wisdom."
- Michele Scirocco, poet

"Prepare to be moved, inspired, and transformed." - JP Lovoclock, author of "Heart to heart"

" A love story written in spiritual language. A collection for lovers and grievers of love alike, for everyone who has witnessed the 'wildflower and hurricane' that is true love."
- Alix Klingenberg, author of "Bread, Sex, Trees"

"The perfect book for those who believe in true love and deep soul connections." - Olivia Bella, author

This book is for you if
- You are going through a breakup and are looking for answers
- You are going through a transformative change
- You are ready to move on from your past
- You are in love with your soulmate
- You are on a self-love journey
- You feel like you are "more"
- You are ready to awaken your soul.

Perfect for poetry lovers of Stefanie Briar, Lang Leav, Yung Pueblo, Rupi Kaur.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Barbara Gianquitto (17 July 2023)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 164 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1739588045
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1739588045
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.7 x 0.97 x 20.32 cm




Simply beautiful

Such a wonderful book filled with beautiful personal poetry of love and heartbreak that we can all relate to along our life journey as we try to keep our heart open to love after being broken. Barbara shares her heart, soul and her gift of writing heartwarming poems and prose within in these pages.

Donna Owens
Amazon UK

A book that cracks your heart open

The title of this book is very relevant - it awakens your heart, releasing the feelings of grief and receiving the warmth & love.
Beautiful illustrations by Elizabeth who captures the poetry wonderfully, bringing the poems to life.
The chapters and illustrations add another dimension to this book, taking you on a true journey in the heart.
100% recommended to anyone.

Melanie Spary
Amazon UK

The most beautiful and heartfelt book I have ever read!

I only received this gorgeous book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. The emotions, pain and love that come from Barbara’s words have my whole heart. I have never read anything so beautiful. It will be a book I treasure forever.

A Nar
Amazon UK


One of the best poetry books I’ve read. Barbara writes with such feeling and honest emotion, it’s an empowering rollercoaster of relatable pieces to suit any mood.
Accompanied by some beautiful artwork I couldn’t put this one down.

Matthew Spenser
Amazon UK

An Awakening we all need when finding our back to ourselves.

Awakening of the heart captures our human ability to be vulnerable, to explore the ways in which we disconnect from ourselves and the journey we take back to who we are.

Barbara has a powerful ability to step inside the broken pieces of the past and transform pain into poignant poetry that is resonating and raw.

A beautifully deep collection of self-discovery that flourishes within the paradigms of love.

Miss V J Markham
Amazon UK

Inspirational poetry for heartbreak healing!

Awakening of the heart is a riveting poetry book that I simply could not put down as it embarked me on an amazing journey of relatable emotions. It was like each word, line and poem echoed my life experience from heartbreak to the strength of loving and trusting someone again. It was like this book was written for me as it defined the lessons I learned along the way in my quest for self-discovery and self-love. It was empowering to go through that spectrum of emotions and relive this through the word and experience of someone else. This poetry book is inspiring as it describes perfectly the strength that we need at our lowest to overcome our pains and the empowerment that we feel when we finally find happiness within ourselves. I just wish I had that book when I was going through this journey alone to give me the glimpse of hope I needed in my moments of doubt.

There are so many poems that I love; it is difficult to select just one. “To the man, I haven’t met yet” had however a special connotation in my heart as it resonates with questions, hopes and desire for love I felt when I was myself waiting for the girl I hadn’t met yet.

“Fly away with Barbara Gianquitto” to awaken your heart on your journey to happiness.

Amazon UK

Beautiful and touching book!

"Awakening of the Heart," is not solely a poetry book, rather it is a book about life. Barbara Gianquitto has an amazing ability to write about every emotion and it touches the hearts of all her readers. She writes of the downward spiral, when a marriage is broken. Takes us on her journey of discovery. Then brings it full circle to her awakening and rise from the darkness. If you have ever felt pain, joy, sadness, uncertainty or love, you must read Barbara's "Awakening of the Heart."

Amazon Customer

A modern day work filled with love and retrospection

This is a must read for poetry lovers! Barbara’s writing speaks directly to the heart. It’s accessible, powerful, and provoking. Get it!!!

Amazon US