The first time I spoke to Barbara I was in awe. Pursuing a passion whilst maintaining a full-time job and being a Mum (another full-time job!) is something that I find incredibly inspiring, and I was delighted that she had reached out to me. The foundation of Poems by Post is built upon creative people that ‘dare to do’ and dare Barbara does!

With two books under her belt and a great knack for social media, Barbara is spreading her enthusiasm for verse far and wide and is undoubtedly inspiring plenty of others who come across her work.

Encouraging that spread of inspiration, Poems by Post will be delivering hundreds of hand-typed poems penned by Barbara to people all around the world. The poem that she has wrote, If you are asking for forever, captures the essence of the idea of a ‘forever-love’ and reassures the reader that their place within their love story is the exact place that they are meant to be.

Accompanying this poem is artwork by Hattieshake, who’s clever and colourful illustrations add a wonderful visual element to Barbara’s poem.

To receive this creative collaboration, visit and choose whether you’d like the poem typewritten or printed. Order by midnight on October 31st 2022, and use coupon code BARBARA for 25% off your first order.

Whether buying for yourself, or perhaps as a unique and creative gift for someone else, your purchase will help Poems by Post to continue supporting grassroots artists and continue to encourage people to pursue their passions.

Thanks for reading and keep creative!

Alex – Chief Executive Poet


New Jersey News Today

 "The book has already amassed a series of five-star reviews that continue to applaud the language and powerful writing used throughout"



James Mooney - the amazing @the.wandering Paddy reads Mirrors of Time, a piece from Barbara's new Awakening of the heart poetry collection. Listen here on Spotify featured on TheWanderingPaddy podcast.



An interview on Radio Manchester, focussing on local creative talent.

Poem from minute 25:00

Interview from minute 29:10


Amp Media productions Interview

For the season finale of Authors & More 📚 across the pond at Amp Media Productions I chat to Author Barbara N. Gianquitto around her beautiful poetry and book, 4.04am Thoughts. Why this title and do you believe in Angel Numbers? It's all here including some beautiful poetry readings.