Tell me your story

Tell me your story

I wrote this post on Instagram and it has been by far the most shared and commented on in all my time on social media. It has gone in front of 3.5M people all over the world and has received over 50K likes.

It has also been made into a short video and translated in Persian language.

That got me thinking, why?

The post is about the desperate need of depth, my absolute almost allergy to simple small talks and superficial conversations. Don't get me wrong we all need to be light and have fun but equally we need to bring more to the table.

The post is about understanding each other's story, what scares us, what lies beneath the armour we all put on. It's about opening up, understanding each other's fears and each other's love language.

How do we build from the ruins of the past we all have, how do we truly listen to each other and not just hearing the words, without building an image of the other person in our head which - more often than not - ends up to be completely different from the reality.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of communication, I believe we can learn to give our feelings a voice. I believe there is more to human interactions, I believe the world needs more depth.

What is your story?