Meet Barbara


Barbara Gianquitto is a poet, writer and author of the best-selling poetry collections '4:04am Thoughts' and 'Awakening of the Heart'.

Barbara writes about love and heartbreak, self-discovery and healing with a soft, open and unique voice that has gathered the interest of over 40 thousand readers on social media across the world and BBC national radio.

As a graduate in Communication and Psychology, Barbara's passion has always been in the power of words and communication, inspiring her readers to dive deeper into their own power and self-discovery.

Barbara also writes for children, her brand new children's book "Loretta and the Monday morning blues" focuses on validating children's feelings to better equip them for the future, gently teaching them how it's always okay to feel what we feel, and that happiness can be found in the smallest things.

Born and raised in Italy Barbara currently lives in the United Kingdom with her family and a grumpy cat; she drinks far too much coffee, follows the Moon and all its phases and is a hopeless romantic.


"Words are all we have in this world. We should use them more often."