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Washington elementary school - san francisco

Beautiful book to explain complex feelings to children.

Rick Yee - School Principal

tender years' nursery - united kingdom

Author Barbara Gianquitto reading to the pre-schooler children at nursery. The children absolutely loved it!

Perfect bed-time story

The morning after she would not get out of bef until we had played a game which involved trying to find her smile like Loretta!


What a beautiful book and such important message, thank you!

i want to read it again

Love the clouds explaining how everyone can be sad at times, makes me feel okay when I am.

"loretta is just like me!"

my daughter loved it!

mummy can we read it again?

loved it!

what has loretta lost?

I really wanted to know what it was, and when I found it I smiled so much!

I love the clouds!

what a beautiful story, my daughter really loved it.

makes me feel ok about my feelings

thank you loretta!